Meet Dr. Legler

First things first, I need you to know I am really passionate about what I do. I guess you could say I got lucky and found my calling. I’m sorta thinking it was my destiny. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to know what people were thinking. Add that to my love of all things neuroscience and what emerged was the perfect blend for me: Neuropsychology. 

For the past 20 years, I have been providing neuropsychological and psychological services to the Vero Beach and Treasure Coast community. I started my journey at Florida Atlantic University where I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Cool thing was, even that early on, I was working on a thesis looking at brain functioning and attention. I relocated to Chicago for a few years where I earned my Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology.

My History

During my graduate training in Chicago, I received advanced instruction in Clinical Health Psychology while completing a dissertation that looked at the relationship between personality factors and chronic pain. I was also fortunate enough to obtain employment with the world-renowned  Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit at St. Joseph Hospital where I helped patients with headache symptom management through biofeedback. During that time, I completed clinical externships at the United States Naval Hospital in Great Lakes Illinois and Lakeview Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital in Waterford, Wisconsin. 

I summed it all up with a internship in Southwest Missouri rotating through regional hospitals and clinics working with patients who had suffered traumatic brain injuries, children with learning difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorder, individuals suffering from dementia, and other neurologically affected individuals. Finally, my post-doctoral experience led me right back to Florida where I completed a formal neuropsychological residency. And, that was lucky for me because I have a passion for all things Florida!

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Dr. Whitney Legler